Corinna Weinheimer-Erith

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About me

Working with paper has been my passion for many years and it has given me great pleasure and satisfaction. Even during my active professional life in conservation/restoration, it has been a necessary interest and relaxation. After moving to France, (in 2005) it has become my favourite pastime. I regard it as a privilege to be able to create pleasing and useful objects, using selected materials and good quality tools.   But most of all it is a great pleasure for me.


1963: born in Saarbrücken/ Germany

1990 - 1994: Academic studies of conservation of musical instruments in Köln/ Germany

1995 – 2005: Conservator at Ringve Musikkmuseum, Trondheim, Norway

2006: Foundation of Paperworks in Séné, France

Since 2006 Member of Arts Sinagots, Séné, France

Exhibitions in France, Germany, Belgium and Norway

I offer workshops in box making, Japanese bookbinding and origami.